earth mars and water mars are good together. Aquarius sign can manifest as what is hidden. Her famegot a jumpstart through family connections. Yet, if we understand this as more of a okay, I know letting go is hard because change may come with instability, but if I make the right decisions and move in a practical manner, it wouldnt be so bad, that would make things a bit easier for us. Ive noticed Moon in Aries individuals at least once in life have gone through a phase of repression and resentment thus isolating themselves a bit, couldve struggle with explosive emotions. They could have been accused rumored about in places like schools, etc. They are very. Think about 22: the number of the master builder. The 7th house rules open enemies so they attract a lot of jealousy quite easily because of their attractive nature. Natives with this placement suffer from very bad self- esteem. They can feel as they are being attacked. . As in the whole umbrella of your health and what concerns it. Cant wait to see some of your questions! I need to make sure everything is in place if Im gonna keep this route!, You know all this organization and trying to put everything in place makes me tired. Let me know if you have any of these! They tend to like darker aesthetics. While I do think mercury direct is better for a processing mind I have come across a lot of mercury retrograde individuals are very intelligent but in a different way. DEGREES OF ASTROLOGY + CLAUDES THOUGHTS (Part 2) . they love the little things like going out outside when there is a beautiful sunset or simply spending time with their animal. While they tend to be seen as open- minded and they are, they tend to become very stubborn when crossed and savvy and hard to win arguments because they tend to charm it off easily as if it wasnt that serious, nonetheless they are very kind individuals and love upgrading themselves and tend to focus on the brighter parts of life for relief. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. you might have some people that would think of you as prey because they're intimidated by your success, therefore would rather pick on you than motivate themselves to become a better version of themselves. Picasso's chart has a classic signature of fame. The 30th degree is the anaretic degree. Taurus has refined aesthetic skills and an admiration for finer things in life. We trust our ideas and logic like the back of our hand. Always great to read, Soft has a way with words, I think they cover essentials pretty well <3 Astro journal type blog Also really sweet and into ghibli :D. Duckie is the one of the most supportive and nicest ccs here!! The men usually can have more of a serious look & the women are usually smiling. -Today we are going to talk about the degree theory and how degrees can be analyzed in your chart! Therefore it is assumed that people with this life path will do great things that will change the world in some way. A lot of people admire their dominance and way of power and their prominent sexuality, they tend to be feminine but also very dominant, they like the idea of being authoritative. In astrology, Taurus rules the vocal cords, the neck, throat, and the voice. o Lets start with the Moon-NN conjunction. Possibly couldnt travel as much when they were younger. You may even hear/notice that Saturn dominants dont really come into their prime until after their Saturn return (between 27-30 years of age). Ive noticed this a LOT they tend to complain a bunch about anything. Yet, I do realize that in life everything has a percentage of risk, and sometimes you gotta risk it. They tend to take a loving in interesting that stimulate their mind and that tends to be intellectual abilities. Aries placements LOVEEE standing up forwhats right more than libras to be honest. These Avatar degrees are 15 Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This can manifest as them starting blogs / social media a ton. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Scorpio Degree = Anything black, Crimson, burgundy, maroon. In a nighttime chart, the Part of Fortune equation is: the degree of your Ascendant + Sun - Moon. You may formulate a plan without accounting for everything or everyone involved first. Mars in 3rd tells me you dont gaf and you send those bold texts anyway. 12 of Capricorn: Cancer Women (Major Placements) Are usually very kind and supportive. Virgo Placements hate conflict more than Libras (Libras secretely love drama and can be corrupted for fun) they tend to run from it. The ruler of the Moon, Venus, is also conjunct the ASC angle so this is a time of knowing and achieving what WE want out of life. Astarte in Cancer / Astarte in 4th house: Astarte in the 4th house will make the native very intuitive and this could be an admirable trait. Anaretic 29 The anaretic degree occurs when a planet is at 29 degrees in a sign, which is the last placement of the sign before a planet moves into the next sign. Gemini placements especially Mercuries from what Ive noticed are always doing a lot at once and so much thoughts go through them they could forget some things. They tend to attract a lot of people are jealous of them but they may not be aware of it too easily. A: By putting togethers patterns & my understanding of Astrology based on the houses & meanings of degrees & etc. fame & wealth degrees INDIVIDUAL DEGREES 1 8 OTHER DEGREE INFO the best degrees to have in each planet (numerology) why you may not relate to 0 planets 18 is not the degree of misfortune 22 is not a murder degree 29 the karmic/anaretic degree MISCELLANEOUS how degrees can predict things that happen throughout your life (scroll down) Ceres was found, serendipitou. I like it, but I feel like Im too harsh with it. Intuition. Originally posted by brat-savage-deactivated20220916, Opposite: Need balance (Balance) (Six signs apart), Twitter (Astrology & Divination content), ASTEROID ASTARTE GODESS OF RAW SEXUALITY & WAR. Like March 26th, 2023. These are observations I've made over time. RELATED:The 4 Most Common Serial Killer Zodiac Signs, According To Fascinating Study. They tend to have very beautiful thoughts (creative mind) and could excel at writing and people usually tend to enjoy their intellectual mind / work. Keep in mind, astrology has many layers to explore. The final degree in the natal chart: poised for change. This is kind of a theory, but fish represents fertility & happiness & intelligence. I need to get serious, I need to get right. , This native may have to learn the boundaries of overindulging in this lifetime. THANK YOU! Q: How do you make your Astrology observations? Sagittarius rising men / women definitely can charm anyoneeee. Astarte in the 4th house will make the native very intuitive and this could be an admirable trait. 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. These natives tend to be more slow and practical in their actions. As they dont care about others words, its simply their own life. If u look at her masterlist she has quality posts <3 (also first astroblr account I followed), Jen has such a great personality and light Brightens my dash so much <3 I havent seen them as active either but quality masterlist and their content is amazing. I think since Libra is the sign associated with such a classy and ostentatious aesthetic (compared to simpler, glowy Taurus). Their beauty is very unique and unconventional and their beauty and sex appeal stands out. venusian signs (taurus & libra) but also leo, may loved growing up playing fashion games. They may take their time with gaining income. Thank you for coming and enjoying this little story and Ill see you in the next post!! Kim Kardashian has her 28-degree Libra Sun in the 11th house, for example. This person when they see something they go get it, especially when it involves money / inheritance. I hope you enjoy reading and learning through this!!! The 12 houses of astrology come into play in terms of fame as the 10th house governs public image. Answer (1 of 4): Basically; here is the chart of one famous painter/artist. . In my opinion, since this degree represents the purest energy of a sign/planet, Ive deduced that people with this degree in multiple planets can possibly rub others the wrong way because of how much they can (possibly) embody the sign/planet of whatever this degree is over. Im definitely definitely someone who is private when she feels like shes being put into the spotlight. Keep reading Ariana Grande has this. I am back with another series! So check your chart to see if you see this theory as well! - Nikola states that this degree represents the very raw, unfiltered energy of the sign and planet it is over. Earth Mercuries wont easily express their feelings if they dont see good outcome/ possibility. Fuck it ! 9:04a.m. They tend to have very physically attractive faces and it tends to be very sexually appealing. Note: The mathematical points of a chart include the . If neptune is your chart ruler Im just gonna assume youre always in the clouds and you seem like you dont pay attention 24/7. Your youth is shown by Ascendant (your birth, early life, outlook on life), 2nd house (formation of your values) and 12th house (your hopes, dreams and emotions). Also why are so gemini moons interested in astrology?? She is connected to fertility, sexuality, war. Literally so smart and brilliant. My favorite astrological topic thus far! I noticed a lot of Taurus suns tend to like to clean and listen to music to feel productive. They could be somewhat timid but that doesnt mean you should underestimate their abilities. When are going to use it to say, hey, I dont want to see this for myself. ex; shooting games (like cod). (rules the throat), the tension of a pisces mercury internally screaming every time someone misunderstands them, why get in a fight with a virgo rising / mars / capricorn moons do you wanna have very low self esteem for the rest 5 years? In the natal chart, this asteroid could indicate a positive, hopeful, and expectant person with a . but only to things they love they do not care about the superficial and wants to dig deeper. Venus in scorpio could do well with another venus in scorpio. They tend to not care about sexual appeal much but they have it anyways, they tend to have very attractive thighs / buttocks. Also, if you would like to get a chart reading from me, check out my paid services. They tend to use their emotional intelligence and wisdom to their advantage as people tend to underestimate them they tend to shock people on their authoritative ways and they are capable of doings things no one saw coming, only advice is to not cling onto any loving fantasy. (Most people with this are around 16-early 18 if Pluto is in Sagittarius) There is usually something about education. Sun in 6th tells me that when you finally put boundaries up, no one respects them. Pluto in 5th may have a very active sex life & may be attracted to very creative people. Ive also seen Libra Women tend to have really beautiful eyes. New Video: Mars in Sagittarius: Faith Without Works is Dead . Just something to think about and again it is just a theory. Cancer Moon Men tend to be more open to their feminine side. Disclaimer, this will not resonate with everyone. . What am I not doing or seeing? I did mention in my post that following our NN can be a tough process, and given this eclipse is happening in fixed signs, that Pluto trine to this conjunction may wreck us a bit if we are not willing to let go of the things we need to in order to grow towards our NN (I know how fixed signs can be lol). Resilient cc <3 Their art was amazing. In this post I am going to break down Nikolas interpretations AND my own thoughts as well because I truly enjoyed studying this topic! Does not take friends advice* (This is directed towards the 18), Justice system (This includes judges, lawyers, etc), (This was interesting because remember that Nikola mentioned that the Aries degrees represent corners and angles. Their sexual appeal is usually very noticeable because they make it seen and they love when other people notice their sexual nature. Some could have a certain belief on something that brings them peace. Sagittarius mars or any prominent sagittarius placement may fantasize about having sex in foreign or exotic places. Chart of Bright Fixed Stars from Anonymous of 379ce. Also known as the "household degrees." The 28 is popularly known as the household degree. Darker eyebrows and features as well as skin. Even if its not a part of my routine, just the enjoyment of it., You know, I get tired of socializing and not feeling like I have close connections. They tend to have very beautiful thoughts (. They tend to take a loving on spiritual activities & divination tools. Powerful and Frustrating! Rahu Conjunct Venus in 1st, 5th, 7th or 10th house Rahu in Leo Magha Nakshatra in 5th, 7th, or 10th house Venus in Leo Magha Nakshatra Nikola mentions that this degree represents black magic. Sources are noted throughout the post. They tend to be very physically alluring and overall internally attractive because of their balance nature and love for aesthetics. These natives at times tend to shut down their Venusian traits a bit and they tend to focus a lot on career & their future. May be the first one to start a change. Well, I don't know if you were asking about this, but when I talk about Moon at 23, Aquarius degree, I mean this: Aries: 1 13 25. They tend to attract a lot of people are jealous of them but they may not be aware of it too easily. -Nikola also mentions that a degree at which a planet occurs applies for the whole range of said degree (0'00'00" - 0'59'59"). Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Some Leos are natural performers with their dramatic flair, and some become inspirational figures and centers of attentionwho want to make sure their greatness is recognized and acknowledged by others. I also love the wlw reblogs as well <3, Astro I feel like I got a lot of basics from. Aquarius risings look different & exotic depends on the chart if this manifest as them being made fun or being praised. 2. Person has deep connection to music and should listen to their intution & it could come from music and the power of the mind. They could have talents / activities that they could keep more private but tend to be unique. Do not repost, plagiarize, reword my work. These people can like to socialize but dont need anyone these people are independent by nature. Lenora I really miss. Pisces = Anything sea blue, pale green, aquamarine, or turquoise. Affinity with the moon. Yet, with this opposing the Moon-NN conjunction, how can we use this resourcefulness to bring our material desires into fruition? See additional information. People may love to give them money as 8th house rules inheritance or people could think they are well off in money terms and they tend to keep the way they do things to get to the top privately. This is because Ive noticed this pattern in the charts of the biggest names in music. libra placements can indicate getting into makeup early in life. , May have been afraid to express themselves when they are younger, but they need to learn how to be confident in their own ideas and express them in this lifetime. This is the infamous diabolical degree. Nikola mentions and references patterns of evil that has occurred on the. fame indicators wealth astrology degrees astro chart astrology tumblr astrology zodiac astro community astro placements asteroid astrology fama. Could walk very slow & doesnt like competetion. . The black bullets will be from the various sources. May not know too much about their ancestral lineage. They could get at times very authoritative and somewhat power hungry towards their dreams. What fulfills us? While these placements maygive the nativesa leg up when it comes tobecoming famous, it is important to remember, however, that not everyone with these specific fame indicators in astrology will become famous. Ive noticed that the asteroid Juno actually tells way more than I thought! I want to say something whether you agree with me or not is up to you but this is what I believe in. They tend to be fiercely. Earth Dominants usually arent very stable to what Ive seen. NOW PLEASE BEFORE I GET INTO THIS, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE PLANETS IN THE TENTH HOUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS POST, IF YOU HAVE NO PLANETS YOU LOOK AT THE SIGN THAT'S IN YOUR TENTH HOUSE, EVERYONE HAS A SIGN IN THE TENTH HOUSE, AND THEN YOU USE THE PLANETARY RULER OF THE TENTH HOUSE. Mercury in scorpio probably makes you seem like more of a scorpio more than any other placement. If your big three is all different elements, this can make you always act a bit different and you can come off as secretive or people dont really know what your next move will be. When vengeful they are not scared of exposing people who need exposing and tend to use their reputation as an advantage and people tend to be intimidated by their power over people. Air moons/ placements love neglecting their intuition, you know you have that bad feeling about that one person, why arent they blocked yet? Growing and Learning. (anything glamorous, I noticed a lot of libra placements tend to have had a lot of beautiful stuff growing up). A lot of Air Risings tend to post a lot on Social Media and they know this too even if its a private story or something they tend to always like to record their moments and share it. Please consult your doctor before taking any action. Pisces Venus tend to have feet fetishes. With it in Scorpio, this can translate as we know the power our logic holds, how to be resourceful with our knowledge, and understand how to use our ideas for our spiritual evolution. New content on YouTube also coming soon! May like to fuck in a hotel room as well and etc. The mother could have also always been on the phone / used technology a lot. Leslie Hale is a professional astrologerofferingpersonal astrology readingsworldwide by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom. they love animals! Now my opinion of the Anaretic degree is different tbh cause i have a planet at 29 degree and i don't think it is a curse or Karma. libra prominent placement women may look really good in leggings, they are ruled by the buttocks;). But honestly I feel like I have so much fun that I dont have structure when I need it. Top fame indicators in astrology 1. Online Relationships / Long distance in synastry can have Uranus- Venus aspects. Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have this. -So I was thinking of the 12 signs and how it evolves from Aries to Pisces, and I thought I do this cute little post! Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. Health. , no offense but i do not have time for ppl that have no emotional depth and dont even attempt to understand themselves or others, DEGREES OF ASTROLOGY + CLAUDE'S THOUGHTS (Part 1) , NOTE: WHILE I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGER, I LOVE ASTROLOGY & ITS ASPECTS. A lot of content u could read for hours, Niko is the sweetest ever. Means of transportation, streets, traffic, (Makes sense because the opposite of Mercury (small) is Jupiter (big and expanded)), Newspapers, journalists, books, reading material, Forms of communications (telephones, messaging systems, the Internet, people talking, etc). They are very social people however, they can at times wear a mask until they feel safe. It also helps if you have a favorable planet conjunct your Midheaven. You can become fixated on daydreaming or being obsessed with the future. It means that the moon will only partially be in the Earths umbra (the inner, more shady part of the Earths shadow). I kinda wish I could tap into the more emotional side of myself yet sometimes you gotta be careful because people are so entitled. Venus in 10th individuals can get their info/ photos usen to catfish & etc, people admire them a lot. Ive noticed a lot of jupiter dominants like to start astrology blogs like these. The final degree of a sign (29, the thirtieth degree) in the natal chart is the end of an era. Gemini Mercuries can easily find good logic to get themselves something out of a situation. For example, Kim Kardashian'sSun, Moon and Jupiter are all at 28 degrees. and they tend to know things and may charm themselves into getting information about things easily. Ive played by these rules and won, I think? The more I think about it, I think when other astrologers/astrology students group actors and actresses with these degrees, I think more of theatre actors/actresses. Ive noticed gemini placements are the most anxious but people dont see this for a bit & pair that with virgo placements. ), lmaoo as a gemini rising i have never posted ANYTHING on every social media account ive had. (Love yall though). Disclaimer, it depends on the whole chart. Astarte is a female divine. They tend to like darker aesthetics. This lifetime will develop a bunch of experiences with different things. ?, You know I love being out there, but why am I seen just to be seen? The Sun and/or Mercury in the 10th house can indicate attention and recognition, as the Sun represents the self, and Mercury is the planet of communication. Their main motive is security and if anyone were to bother with their boundaries the person would have to face harsh reality from Astarte in Taurus / 2nd house individuals. They tend to be very fixed on their beliefs and hopes so even if people try to bring them down theyll put themselves back up again. These people are very honest and wise. Not really just wanted to note it. They tend to cling on the idea of love and desire their fantasy and dont want anything less. In particular he references Queen Victoria. The 11th house can be a partial indicator of fame in some cases if there are strong planetary placements here. I need to learn how to fight for myself more!! Possibly in the farther future.. but not any time soon! & Ive noticed Pluto in 10th likes havingpowerful friends that can boost them. There are 3 sets of fame degrees--do you have one in your chart?? Eyes shape tend to be smaller & the eyes tend to be lighter. But when it comes to emotions, thats scary. Romantic partners (and yes that also includes mistresses and people on the side), Holidays & what we love to do on those holidays, This is due to the fact Leos like being the leaders and being in charge lmao. Or something a lot more serious. If I can get this done, why cant they? Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! Their mother could be somewhat dominant over them and very protective but usually wants the best for them. They tend to be very peaceful individuals. I think its hard to get a, in 3rd can indicate someone who people may think are , what it is theyre learning. 12th house stelliums / pisces placements may have very lucid weird dreams as kids. I've noticed that the asteroid Juno actually tells way more than I thought! Mars in 12th may have very sexual / creative dreams. The talented, the beautiful, the Girlfriend, Tracee Ellis Ross is a perfect representation of the fame indicator by degree example.. As you can see, Tracee Ellis Ross has both her Moon and Venus . , Can feel like daily life (6H) is a pain, but that could also be while it is important for yall to have routine in place and be organized. These people have power and have the ability to use it to destroyy, taurus placements could be really good at asmr/ soothing people to sleep. Also an og, I dont see them much on my dash but I loved their content. Libra mars should really wash their sugar intake. I have a homework assignment for yall: Find out what makes you happy or what you like to indulge in, and do it when you have some free time. Male Earth Risings can be very desired on the media for their body figure & their structure. TAURUS RISING: Usually heart shaped face. Do look to your transits chart for this time and see where the moon is transiting during this time for you. If very underdeveloped virgo placements can give off pervert vibes. Yet Im scared to. They may love traveling and ascending into higher things in life. If you were born when Venus was in industrious earth sign Capricorn, you're wired to take slow, steady, pragmatic steps toward building lasting bonds with a love match, a friend, or a business partner. A lot of these natives are very intuitive and should use that to their advantage & they just know things, they arent too logical at times. In this post I am going to break down Nikolas interpretations AND my own thoughts as well because I truly enjoyed studying this topic! I am not a professional astrologer. So, a suitable planet, if residing in this house, can give hike to your popularity. I think its hard to get a mars in virgo to take action in something they really dont wanna do. Venus in leo/ mars in leo remember just because your crush liked another girls instagram picture does not mean you are annoying.. If you have mars in 4th im just gonna assume you have deep rooted trauma from home life & the reason you are wayy over protective over anything and yourself. Tennis, tennis players (This one was rather interesting). -Sun/north node/stellium in 1st house/5th house/7th house/8th house/10th/11th house/ in leo/cancer/aries/ pisces. Capricorn mars is the most hardworking placement in my opinion. Overconfidence, grandiosity, lack of humility, and/or extreme discontent in modest circumstances may be your faults. Check out this video! Yall fall in love with anyone thatunderstands you. For example, 13 and 1 are both Aries degrees, yet I have a theory that the 13 may be more on the mature side than 1. They may even be confused now wether they were real or not. They can be seriously the best combo or end up horribly. A person with a planet at avatar degrees usually becomes the sought-after person known to make things happen. Jupiter in Sagittarius individuals tend to be very humorous and tend to be liked easily & travel tends to be prominent to them. They enjoy peaceful activities and like their own relaxing time quite often. -Saturn gets a notorious rep for being mean, harsh, and everything in between. They can loose themselves easily that way. Jupiter in 10th, why yall care so much if people like you or not? They can not see themselves the right way. They could benefit / are prone to having a lot of praises online and could have some internet fame. A lot of content u could read for hours, Niko is the sweetest ever. Theyre usually very random and laugh at everything. (Mars & Especially Venus) Either that or theyve been wanting kids since young age. Look at your dominant as well , Sun Dominant = Happiness, Self confidence, Creativity, Mercury Dominant= Intelligence, Communication, More memories, Pluto Dominant= Rebirth (Getting rid of negative energy around you, powers, anything you desire, Mars Dominant= Passion, Motivation, Power, Moon Dominant= Wisdom, Intuition, emotional wellbeing, Neptune Dominant= Any dreams can come true, Spiritual guidance, Unexpected Abudance, Saturn Dominant= Stability, Authority & Power, Material desires, Uranus Dominant= Revolution, anything you desire (manifestation is good in Uranus), Psychic insights. They can easily trap themselves in situations. Pisces rising is free clairvoyance, I swear pisces risings are so psychic I cant.. taurus in 3rd/ pisces rising you guys were probably told to speak up a lot because yall voices sound so quiet. The emphasized characteristics of a sign/planet. Many astrology students think this is the degree of long-lasting fame.

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